Constance Wozny

Bookbinding Services by Constance Wozny

Bookbinding and all its creativity.  From its beginning it has been a labor of love.  Originating among early Medieval monastic orders, bookbinding skills were developed to preserve highly prized manuscripts produced by the monks.

Hand bookbinding today is a craft surviving only among dedicated individuals whose regard for the printed word prompts them to salvage books that would ordinarily be discarded.  And, bookbinding protects and creates original works with durable beauty.  Books subject to discard can be repaired and rebound - becoming an asset in your personal, institutional, or corporate library and last for many years to come.

Among her creative crafts available, Constance Wozny offers the following bookbinding services:

  • Custom Made Boxes
  • Custom Made Slip Cases
  • Bibles, Missals, & Hymnals
  • Custom Photo Albums
  • Blank Books
  • Diaries & Journals
  • Dissertations & Theses
  • Genealogies
  • Personal Cookbooks
  • Manuscripts
  • Address books
  • Day Timers
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